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Children’s Church Terms 2009

Term 1: 18/01 to 22/03

Term 2: 19/04 to 21/06

Term 3: 19/07 to 20/09

Term 4: 11/10 to 06/12

Time: 09h45 to 10h45

This year we have chosen “Sharing is Caring” as our  Children’s Church outreach. We have asked the children to look at anything they no longer want or need and, instead of throwing it away, to bring it along we we can share it with someone less fortunate. If you wish to donate food please ensure it is non-perishable!

We will be joining ‘big church’ once a quarter to share in a Family Service. The first one is Sunday 1st March, which will also be the teachers dedication service.

Our main fund raiser for this year will be on the 9th May and will take the form of a market and fun day. We invite the entrepreneurs amongst the children to buy a table at R20.00 and donate 5% of their profit to the Children’s Church funds.

At the monthly Well meetings we will be running “The Well for Children” (19h00 only)  – your children will participate in the worship with you and then go off and do fun activities following the theme of the evening. This is a lovely way for the whole family to become involved in the kingdom of God.

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