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 A year ago Fiona Mey had a vision to feed hungry people in Primrose so she began the Triple F project. Triple F stands for Friday Feeding Fellowship because each Friday Fiona would gather her supplies, divide them into parcels and distribute them. She began by asking members of the congregation to take a shopping list and supply all or some of the non-perishable ingredients. In this way, 50 parcels, each of which contained enough for two meals, were given away weekly.

Fiona made the acquaintance of a missionary from the United Methodist Church in America who introduced her to the Stop Hunger Now campaign. She discovered that for R10 she could make a packet of dry ingredients feed 6 people. This is much more cost effective and the meals are tasty and nutritious. To celebrate one year in action and kick-start the new system we had a Triple F Packaging Contest at all three of our Sunday Services. This proved to be quite competitive, and a lot of fun was had by all. Fiona and her husband, Barry, set up a production line of ingredients and two teams per service were given 5 minutes to fill as many complete packets as they could (without spilling!) Teams did well and over the day about 80 packets were filled, which gives a total of of 480 meals in 15 minutes. You can see some pictures of the action if you click on the Triple F/Stop Hunger Now set here.

Fiona has made contacts in the various townships around Primrose: she usually works through a day care centre, so that the food is handed out in a controlled fashion. REMEMBER, we are only as limited as our resources, so the more donations received the more people we can help!


Fiona has made new shopping lists, available at the Info Table on a Sunday. Help yourself and place your donation in the black bin in the church foyer.

Donations of cash can be placed in an envelope and put in the offering bag on a Sunday, MARKED FOR TRIPLE F, please.

This scheme is quite labour intensive and Fiona is planning PACKING EVENTS to which everyone is invited!

You could also plan a PACKING EVENT in your small group: Fiona will bring you the ingredients (she buys the soya in bulk) and the heat sealer and get you started.

You might also like to help with distribution on a weekly or monthly basis.

The people Fiona helps also make use of old clothing, toys and books, so you could donate things like this and she will make sure it goes to those in need.

Contact Fiona by leaving a comment in the comment form below and someone will get back to you.

Contact details for the church office are as follows: 011 8287126, 8.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mondays to Fridays.

To see something of the Stop Hunger Now programme click here for a video of volunteers in action.


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