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Women’s Day 2009

morning pearls by mattox

“Shining for Jesus”  – this is the WA’s theme for the next two years, from Psalm 18 : 28 where it says, “You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.” Penny Howie, the new  District President, and a member of Primrose Methodist, gave the address at the annual WA service held on Sunday, August 9th at 8.30 a.m. She took the word ‘SHINE’ and used it to give us some pointers on shining for Jesus. Here are some notes from her talk:

S – for SERVE and SHARE. Jesus came to serve and the gospels are full of examples of how He did this. We must follow his example in humility and love as we serve those around us. We must also share – the things we have, our thoughts, feelings and knowledge with others, for all we have is a gift from God. There is also sacrificial giving – in Mark’s gospel Jesus commends the small gift of the widow, for she gave all that she could give and not just the left overs.

H – for HAPPY and HOLY. Happy means pleasure or contentment as a result of circumstances so it stands to reason that we are not happy all the time. When things get tough it is hard to feel happy. The Bible teaches us to praise God in all circumstances and the ability to do this, even when things are not looking all that rosy, will go a long way to helping us be happy! Jesus encourages us to be holy – set apart to do the Father’s work. Mother Teresa said that doing God’s will with a smile will demonstrate our holiness. There is a picture in the gospels of our light being hidden under a bushel. Make sure you do not put your light there – let it shine out for God.

I – for I, me, myself. That’s right – remember to look after YOURSELF. Spend time with Jesus, let him feed your spirit so that your light can shine for Him in this world! Look after your health and make sure your work is interspersed with times of relaxation. As Marianne Williamson said (famously quoted by Nelson Mandela): “As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

N – for NURTURE, which is a process of training, bringing another up. A major role that women take on in many spheres of life. We should nurture everyone, the stranger and friend alike, taking advice from Mother Teresa again to see Jesus in the people to whom we minister.

E – for ENTHUSIASM. Do not be lacklustre in the things that we do. Do all we do wholeheartedly, to bring glory to God. In the book God’s Mirror, by Max Lucado, a man used a piece of mirror to signal an SOS signal to a passing ship and so be rescued from a desert island. Lucado asks, imagine if the mirror had decided not to co-operate, had sent it’s own message instead of the dots and dashes of the SOS that the man so desperately needed to send? Imagine if the mirror had felt lazy or uninspired that day? Imagine if the mirror had had a mind of it’s own? Thankfully the mirror didn’t and so the man was saved. We, on the other hand, do have a mind of our own. We need to have the mind of Christ and to use it to shine for Him!


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