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John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, encouraged the people to begin each year by renewing their Covenant with God, to remind ourselves of our great need for God, His forgiveness and His grace. The Covenant joins us with God as we submit to Him, but the fact that we do it together suggests that we will support and uphold one another in our Christian walk.

On August 11, 1755, Wesley refers to an occasion when he conducted a service that provided opportunity for persons to make or renew that covenant with God. Listen to this account from his daily journal:

“I mentioned to the congregation another means of increasing serious religion, which had been frequently practiced by our foreFathers, namely, the joining in a covenant to serve God with all our heart and with all our soul.

I explained this for several mornings and on Friday many of us kept a fast to the Lord, beseeching him to give us wisdom and strength, to make a promise unto the Lord our God and keep it.

On Monday, August 11, I explained once more the nature of such an engagement, and the manner of doing it acceptably to God.

At six in the evening we met for that purpose. After I had recited the tenor of the covenant proposed all those who desired to give testimony of their entrance into this covenant stood up, to the number of about 1,800 persons..

Such a night I scarce ever saw before. Surely the fruit of it shall remain forever.”  (Source)

As we prepare to make Covenant this week let us consider our feelings towards God and the path He has called us to. Allow the Spirit to prepare our hearts so that our surrender may be generous and joyful, knowing that the Creator of the Universe only desires abundant life for us.


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