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On the Way in 2012

Christ calls us to discipleship which is to be  an active learner of Jesus Christ. As we journey “On the Way in 2012” we are offering you a new concept group focussed on discipleship. It will bring together David Lowes Watson’s Covenant Discipleship Groups and our Sunday preaching.

We are called to watch over one another in love. In Covenant Discipleship we do this and our discipleship groups become a checkpoint of accountability. In these groups we willingly make ourselves accountable to each other so that we may support one another in love. Our accountability centres around a covenant, drawn up by the group, and which centres around four different areas of spiritual formation:

1. Acts of devotion.

2. Acts of worship.

3. Acts of compassion.

4. Acts of justice.

Part of the journey will be wrestling with how we can apply the Sunday preaching in practical ways in our daily lives within this Covenant Discipleship framework. During the period of these meetings the Sunday preaching and the Prayer Diary daily devotional guide will focus on these four areas of the covenant.

The group will formulate their own covenant, with input from each member. Individuals will then be able to personalise their covenant, adding things that are specific to their situation. Weekly meetings are structured around the covenant that the group has drawn up and will serve to encourage and affirm the members in their spiritual journeys.

Meetings begin on Tuesday, 24 January/Wednesday 25 January 2012 and will continue on Tuesday evenings (19h00) OR Wednesday mornings (09h00), choose the one that best suits you. Meetings will run for an hour, followed by tea and coffee  and will run until the week before Holy Week.

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