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Lent 2012

The season of  Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, which this year is on Wednesday 22nd February. Lent lasts for 40 days (not counting Sundays) until Resurrecton Sunday (Easter Day!) and is a time of spiritual focus: contemplation, confession, repentance, forgiveness and simplicity. Many Christians ‘give up’ something during Lent and use this to remind themselves of their dependence on God for all things, and to offer the money and time which would otherwise be spent doing something more specifically for God and others. While it is a more serious time of the Christian Year, Easter Day is always in the back of our minds – Resurrection! Re-creation! Transformation and Life Abundant!

Below are some ideas, gathered from all around the world, which you may find helpful in guiding your spiritual walk from Ashes to Resurrection. As Rachel Evans asks: When I wake up on Resurrection Morning how will I be different?

Get into the habit of daily prayer and bible readings using the weekly PMC Prayer Diary on the The Prayer Diary page. (Each week a new one is uploaded for you.)

Sign up for daily devotions via e-mail and/or Facebook from John van de Laar and purchase a Lent e-book (Living in the Promised Land) at Sacredise.

40 suggestions for Lent from Rachel Held Evans. Some challenging ideas here!

A Lenten Meditation video from Christine Sine at Godspace.

Christine Sine also offers a free, downloadable Lent Guide.

The Lent Experiment from All Hallows Bow church in the UK – 40 Days to Love Your World. (Remember it is the UK so references to Spring may not seem appropriate here!)

You may have different things that you feel God is calling you to do or stop doing and that is fine! You can leave a comment here to share with others in our community or add your Lent commitment to the Primrose Methodist Church Facebook wall.

“I invite you, therefore… to observe a holy Lent: by self-examination and repentance, by prayer, fasting and self-denial and by reading and meditating on God’s Holy Word.” (The United Methodist Book of Worship)

With thanks to Nikita Shulz for the image used on this post!


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