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Lent 2013

lent crossThe season of Lent in the church calendar allows us time to become a bit more intentional about our spirituality. It is a time to focus on the spiritual disciplines – prayer, fasting, and giving but also simplicity, scripture reading, the Sabbath and solitude.In the early church Lent was a time when new converts were prepared for baptism and those more experienced Christ-followers used it as a time to reaffirm their faith.  The disciplines give us practical ways in which to live out our calling each day. Much as an athlete or artist must pract

ice in order to perfect their craft, spiritual disciplines put us in touch with our creator God (in whose image we are made) and whose desire for us is that we are ‘fully alive!’ (John 10:10)

Some ideas below to give you some inspiration:

Make use of the weekly Prayer Diary and set aside a time each day to pray and read the bible

Read one of the Gospels from beginning to end to get an idea of the life and character of Jesus

Read a good book! Some authors to choose from:Trevor Hudson, John van de Laar, Henri Nouwen, Brian McLaren, Richard Foster, Eugene Peterson, Wessel Bentley

Create something to express your Lent journey using your art or craft or skill as a writer, photographer etc

Consider supporting the Thursday Feeding Scheme or Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard at PMC

Clean out your cupboards and donate unwanted items to those who need it more – the Elandsvallei Charity Shop in Primrose, Little Eden in Edenvale, the Salvation Army

Give time or money regularly through Lent to an organisation close to your heart

Share your faith with someone – invite them round for a meal, bring them to church with you, offer to pray for them

Pray through the Psalms – choose a few, or the first 40 (one for each day of Lent) and spend time praying each one.

Fast – give up a meal (or several); take a break from television or technology (Facebook, 9GAG, Pinterest, the internet); give up a certain food or drink (chocolate, coffee) – and use the time and money that you would usually spend on these things more intentionally for God (giving to the PMC feeding scheme, for example, or praying for those on our pastoral prayer list)

Go Green – stewardship of our earth and its resources is an important part of our spirituality (Genesis 1: 26 – 28) so start recycling plastic, paper and glass; make compost with your kitchen waste, use electricity and water wisely, plant a tree

Keep a journal of your Lent experience in words and pictures


The idea is that through Lent we acknowledge our dependence on God and learn more about His grace and love. As we journey towards Resurrection Sunday and the Risen Christ may we be challenged and inspired to become more like Jesus in every-day, practical ways.


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